ProclaRx, based in Athens OH, is a pre-clinical stage biopharmaceutical company with the exclusive worldwide rights to develop and commercialize our first-in-class anti-bacterial biofilm IP technology. Our labs and regulatory and clinical partners optimize our commercialization pathways while keeping costs low.

ProclaRx pursuit of device (510K) and orphan designations, GAIN ACT and FDA Fast Track designations will move our products to license and/or sale faster than is typical in the drug industry. Wound care leads the way with an expedited 510K approval process launching in 2017. Ear infections and sinusitis will follow with initiation of IND-enabling studies in 2017.


Nick Henderson

Nick Henderson, MBA

Chairman of the Board

Nick Henderson is Managing Partner of Applied Bio Ventures. Prior to that, he was CEO of Applied Biomolecular Technologies, a technology development company focused on commercializing technology. Nick was the founder and President of Signature Medical Direct, which he sold to an industry leader in 2010. He has extensive entrepreneurial experience, having started and grown 14 businesses and one foreign (GmbH) operation. His passion is helping entrepreneurs successfully launch and scale new ventures. He is Chairman of the Board of the Economic Community Development Institute. Nick received his Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from The Pennsylvania State University and his MBA from The University of Dayton.

Joesph Kittle

Joseph D. Kittle Jr., Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer

Joseph D. Kittle Jr., Ph.D. has over 20 years of experience in the world of biotechnology. Dr. Kittle has expertise in the development of products and services in the areas of: Genome Engineering; Gene Synthesis; Realtime DNA Analysis; Genomics; as well as Protein Expression and Purification. He has held key positions at CODA Genomics (VP of Research and Technology), and at Lark Technologies (Director of New Products), where he displayed a keen understanding of product development along with a deep knowledge knowledge of chemistry, biochemistry, and synthetic biology. Dr. Kittle received his undergraduate degree in chemistry from Ohio University, then went on to Harvard, where he earned his Ph.D. in Chemistry. After completing his post doc work at Ohio State University in biochemistry in 1991, he worked as a scientist at Battelle for 3 years.

Tom Zupancic

Tom Zupancic, Ph.D.

Chief Scientific Officer

Tom Zupancic, Ph.D. is a molecular biologist with more than 25 years of experience in the design and execution of applied biotechnology research projects. He has extensive hands-on experience designing and leading product development programs in Biotechnology and Biopharmaceutical development. Specific projects span a broad range of scientific and technology areas including: genetic engineering; molecular biology; protein therapeutics; bioproduction processes; bioinformatics; functional genomics; immunology; disease biology and vaccine development. Dr. Zupancic has had a distinguished career in industry, working for GeneticXchange, LabBook, Inc, and the Battelle Memorial Institute in roles ranging from Chief Scientific Officer to Applied Scientist. He holds 17 US patents. Dr. Zupancic has specific expertise in the area of intellectual property development gained as a Senior Scientific Advisor for Intellectual Property with Baker and McKenzie LLP. He graduated cum laude from the Ohio State University, with Distinction in Genetics and Phi Beta Kappa. He received his Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from Indiana University, where he was a National Science Foundation Graduate Fellow.

Rich Brody

Rich Brody, Ph.D., VP

Research and Development

Rich Brody is a biochemist with more than 30 years of experience directing laboratory programs in protein biochemistry. He directed contract research programs at Battelle, where completing projects on time and on budget was essential. Most recently, Dr. Brody has focused his R&D efforts on antibody development and has directed investigations of antibody purification, characterization, modification, and stabilization. Dr. Brody has worked extensively in the biotechnology industry, where he was Director of Protein Research for Progenitor Corporation. He has also worked in academia, where he was an Assistant Professor of Chemistry at the University of Buffalo. His specialties include: Protein Modification (e.g. pegylation, labeling); Protein Purification; Protein Characterization; Protein Stabilization; and Assay Development. Dr. Brody received his undergraduate degree in Chemistry from Cornell University, and received his Ph.D. in Chemistry from Harvard University, where he investigated multiple problems in the mechanisms of enzyme action.

Doug Martin

Doug Martin

Chief Operating Officer

Doug Martin brings more than 20 years of extensive legal and business experience to his new executive role at ProclaRx. As COO, Mr. Martin will be responsible for the strategic planning, compliance, and coordination of R&D resources. He will report directly to Nick Henderson, Chairman of the Board at ProclaRx.


Laren Bakletz

Lauren O. Bakaletz, Ph.D.

Inventor, Co-Founder, Co-Chair

Lauren O. Bakaletz, Ph.D. is a Professor of both Pediatrics and Otolaryngology and serves as Director of the Center for Microbial Pathogenesis at The Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Dr. Bakaletz is also Vice President of Basic Sciences, holds the Tillie E. Coleman Endowed Chair in Pediatric Research and was named a Distinguished Professor of the Ohio State University College of Medicine in 2013. She and her team study the molecular mechanisms that underlie polymicrobial infections of the respiratory tract, including otitis media, sinusitis, exacerbations of COPD and CF. The Bakaletz lab is actively involved in the design and testing of novel vaccine candidates and therapeutics with a focus on the characterization of biofilms induced by multiple bacterial pathogens of chronic and recurrent diseases of the airway and other sites to identify targets for intervention and biofilm disruption.

Steven D. Goodman

Steven D. Goodman, Ph.D.

Inventor, Co-Founder, Co-Chair

Steven D. Goodman, Ph.D. is Associate Professor of Pediatrics at The Ohio State College of Medicine, and Principal Investigator, at the Research Institute of Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Dr. Goodman is a biochemist with a Ph.D. from the Johns Hopkins University. He spent 20 years at the University of Southern California where he was the Chair of the division of Biomedical Sciences and Director of the Microbial Systems Institute. Currently, he directs the Research Affinity Group in Oral and GI Microbiology at the Research Institute of Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Dr. Goodman is an authority on the function of nucleoprotein complexes in bacterial cells and an expert on the formation, structure and function of these complexes in the protective extracellular matrix of bacterial biofilms.

Merrill Osheroff

Merrill Osheroff, Ph.D., DABT


Merrill Osheroff, Ph.D., DABT, has 35 years of experience in drug development and toxicology in the nonclinical CRO industry and as manager/managing director at Searle/Monsanto, Pharmacia, and Pfizer. He was Executive Director/Site Head for the major R&D site for Pfizer in Kalamazoo, MI before consolidation and closure of the site. In 2007, Merrill started Osheroff Consulting Services, LLC, a nonclinical toxicology and drug development consulting organization founded to support the biopharmaceutical industry in its preclinical development needs across a wide-range of therapeutic areas including anti-infectives, oncology, metabolic, cardio-renal and CNS. Merrill has also authored many of the full nonclinical sections of the IND and DNA for regulatory submission as well as a number of expert white papers supporting his client needs. Dr. Osheroff’s specialties include drug development planning and strategy, due diligence of compounds for licensing, toxicology sections of regulatory submissions (IND, NDA, MAA), outsourcing and monitoring of nonclinical studies, report review expertise, mentoring of CRO study directors, outsourcing strategies, and expert reports. Merrill is also a Past President of the American College of Toxicology and has held positions in a number of other organizations as well.

Mark Staples

Mark Staples, Ph.D.


Mark Staples, Ph.D., founded Cusp PharmaTech Consulting LLC (“CUSP”) in 2007. As Principal of CUSP and Consultant, he provides pharmaceutical technology consulting services to biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. CUSP is located in Kendall Square (Cambridge, MA). For more than 25 years, Dr. Staples has helped transform scientifically interesting projects into commercial products intended to serve unmet medical needs. His product development activities include pharmaceutical development of proteins, peptides and small organic molecules. He has extensive experience with project management and compilation of the technical (CMC) portion of regulatory submissions. From 1984 to 2007, Dr. Staples played critical operating and leadership roles in five early stage companies, in addition to founding and leading the Biogen Formulation and Analytical Development Group from 1988-1997. During 1997-2007, his titles were various levels of Director or Vice President at several early stage companies. Dr. Staples received his BA (Chemistry, Biochemistry, English) and Ph.D. (Biochemistry, 1979) from the University of Kansas (Lawrence, KS). He was a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Biological Chemistry Department at Harvard Medical School 1979-1980 (Boston, MA) and held a part-time research appointment there 1982-1986 in Dr. Elkan Blout’s laboratory. He also received an MBA (1985) at Northeastern University (Boston, MA). His research emphasized structure-function relationships of peptides and proteins. In 2006, Dr. Staples chaired the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) Biotechnology Section. He also chaired numerous AAPS Committees 2001-2008. He has served on the Board of the Parenteral Drug Association (PDA) New England Chapter (2005-2006), was President of the Chapter in 2003-2004 and Treasurer 1993-2002, and in March 2007 he received the PDA Chapter Volunteer Award. He remains active in PDA and AAPS.


Heidi Nelson-KeherlySection

Heidi Nelson-Keherly, Ph.D.

VP Operations

Heidi is a 15 year veteran of working with small and mid size biotechs to develop their drug programs through to IND submission. She has managed drug development programs spanning preclinical lead optimization, pharmacokinetic and safety studies, bioanalysis, process scale up and development, as well as CMC. During her career, she has been involved with over 300 drug development programs. In addition, Heidi was responsible for several multi-therapeutic clinical research sites that participated in over 80 Phase II-IV clinical trials. Heidi holds a PhD in Molecular Biology from the University of Wisconsin.